GotoSurvive.com provides lifestyle guidelines for the divergent people to enhance their physical recovery,  energy restore and reduce amount of stress caused by bully attitude of other people.

Negative attitude of surrounded people would create constant stress for the divergent one.  Stress consumes lot of energy of the body, what leads to the chronically low energy level, narrow field of attention and inability to recover. A vicious cycle occurs when one has low energy because of stress caused by social bullying. And has been constantly bullied by society because of looking different, weak and vulnerable. This vicious cycle usually incorporates some addiction – a dopamine boosting habit in order to reduce stress feelings. As the result of dopamine boosting – energy level depletes even more and pushes victim deeper into an addiction.

What is Social bullying?

Bullying is natural process based in biology. It is widely spread through all species. Higher position in social hierarchy promotes better mating opportunities. And bullying is a effective way to achieve both the dominant position in social group and attract the best mates to reproduce. Small bullies are usually kicked out, but the big ones – leaders of particular groups usually stay safe. One of the biggest social bullies in Europe is the Catholic church :). Just imagine, how you might fight this? Theoretically it is simple – just discredit the leader. But to prevent bullying towards you, you have to manage looking big, full of energy, balanced and having strong alliance in order to scare potential offenders away. Or, on another hand, look very similar to them to promote social belonging, acceptance and alliance.

Only children and youth would bully in a open way. The adults would make you distressed with smile in their faces. Most of the daily stress is caused by social bullying. Chronic stress lays at base of almost all diseases such like: diabetes, cancer, obesity, anxiety, bipolar disorder, mania, schizophrenia, vegetative dystonia and others. Yes, the main cause of your stress and illness is the behavior and attitude of other people trying to establish their dominant position in particular social hierarchy over you. And that happens when you look vulnerable and weak. Dogs and seagulls might notice your weakness in seconds and attack you. Just imagine what a homo sapiens would do facing such an opportunity ? 🙂

If the stress impact remains untreated, it results in a addiction, mental disorders and physical illness like diabetes and cancer.

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Why people become divergent?

One might become divergent when it constantly refuses or can’t learn cultural cues of surrounded society.

Good book about culture and human evolution is Joseph Henrich’s “The secret of our success: How culture is driving human evolution, domesticating our species and making us smarter.”

Definition for Divergent

www.vocabulary.com  provides a definition for DIVERGENT

Something divergent is moving away from what is expected. Two divergent paths are moving in opposite directions — away from each other.

Things that are divergent are diverging — moving away from a path or a standard. A teacher who comes to work in a clown outfit is being divergent; a clown who comes to work in a business suit is also being divergent. A stream is divergent if it is moving in the opposite direction of a river. A politician who is divergent might leave his political party. Divergent people and things are changing course — moving off the beaten path.

Being divergent

Being divergent means to be a white bird among blacks, a black sheep between whites. Inevitably the different one would be bullied, ignored, expelled and even killed.