Anxiety prevention: the Wind-mill model

Social Dominance lab has created the Emotion wind-mill model to help visualize and understand anxiety and how to avoid it. Model also gives a clue of influence of other people. How to protect yourself from emotional harm. And how to be socially successful and happy at the end of the day.

Anxiety prevention - emotion wind-mill model

Faster the speed – stress to a particular blade, bigger the imbalance of the emotional system. High speed and balance is possible only with steady wind on all blades and optimal tail work to catch the wind (focus attention).

For example: Eating sweets creates stress on dopamine blade, than to serotonin blade. When the blood sugar drops – to cortisol blade. As stress isn’t simultaneous to all three blades, imbalance occurs. It progresses to anxiety by next attempts to eat more sweets to reduce bad feelings of rising cortisol and so on.

Overall balance of emotion system

  1. [toggle title=’Avoid any mood affecting medication.’] To ensure all systems – neurotransmitters and hormones are working accordingly.[/toggle]
  2. [toggle title=’Keep your blood sugar low (normal).’] This would keep you out of unnecessary spikes of all neurotransmitters and hormones what might lead to physical and mental imbalance.
    1. Avoid any product containing sugar and sugar itself.
    2. Avoid bread and all breadstuffs.
    3. Avoid coffee.
    4. Avoid baked vegetables, potatoes.
    5. Do not eat anything 3 hours before sleep.
    6. Take 16 hour fast during the 24 h cycle.


  3. [toggle title=’Exercise for physical and mental balance.’] This would optimize cortisol dosage on stress triggers. And also might help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.[/toggle]
  4. [toggle title=’Play status games against people and place.’]
    Playing status will allow consciously adjust low or high status attitude to a particular people according to your aims. Also it allows to notice when your autopilot and prevailing behavior takes over. [/toggle]

Emotion chemistry

  1. [toggle title=’Attention focus & trust (oxytocin)’]
    Playing low status role Playing high status role
    [toggle title=’Follow a good leader’]

    1. Father
    2. God
    3. Friend


    [toggle title=’Spot all bad leaders you are following’]

    1. Change their attitude towards you by getting attention.
    2. Leave them.


    1. [toggle title=’Be a good leader.’] Be steady and balanced, give guidelines, rewards and attention to your followers.
      1. Expose yourself, be a star, catch the attention
      2. Give guidelines – oxytocin
      3. Create some stress – cortisol
      4. Give rewards – dopamine
      5. Give attention – serotonin to followers


    2. [toggle title=’Create stress to others.’]Steady, mild and lasting stress would force them to build trust to you if done properly.[/toggle]
    3. [toggle title=’Be still and stand out’] Let make focusing attention on you easier. This would help to build trust to you.[/toggle]
  2. Activity (Cortisol)
    Cortisol is the main steroid hormone. It is scarce resource. You might pull up a car and go without sleep and rest for days. So, saving this rocket fuel is highly significant.
  1. Take the cold shower or swimming. This is the hard way to put your stress reaction back on track.
  • Motivation (Dopamine)
    Aims for balancing dopamine focuses mainly on reducing it by putting limits on binge, obsessive and addictive behavior.
  1. Practise moderation. Avoid binging on anything.
  2. Stick to plan and order
  • Confidence (Serotonin). The aim of serotonin is to get social status. The more attention you get the higher your status feels.
    1. Get the attention.
      1. Automaticity: use colors, symbols, and sounds.
      2. Framing: use tradition, repetition and create scarcity
      3. Disruption: disrupt, like Mr. Bean for example 🙂
        1. surprise,
        2. simplicity,
        3. significance.
      4. Reward: give rewards and prizes, solve people’s short-term problems, boost their dopamine.
      5. Reputation: show reputable leaders as your leaders.
      6. Mystery: Create a little mystery, suspense, and uncertainty.
      7. Acknowledgment: help people to become acknowledged what is opposite to ignorance.
      8. Ignorance. Ignore target people. Don’t do this at home! This is an evil one. Easy and innocent way to completely imbalance someone’s emotion system.
      9. Eye contact: Get the eye contact.
        1. Try to spot opponent first.
        2. Wait until opponent stares away giving you dominant position.
        3. Stare away to expose submission to opponent.
    2. Protect your attention. Do not allow to be plugged to wrong kind of things. This would develop your social status.
  • Growth and expansion (Endorphines)
    1. Take more space. Do not allow others to block you if possible. This would suppress stress reaction and give nice endorphin and testosterone happiness.
    2. Block spatial expansion of others.
    3. Take tall and dominant posture like a tree. Legs together! Wide position of legs exposures your nervousness and imbalance, thus you aren’t dominant.


Explanation of Anxiety overcoming tips

We are currently working on explanation for each of the Anxiety prevention tips above. Some of them requires special training and knowledge to apply properly and harmlessly. It’s about making real emotion magic with socially affectable chemistry provided by mother nature.

Suggested books:

  1. Loretta Graziano Breuning “I’mammal
  2. Cesar Millan “Be the Pack Leader
  3. Keith Johnstone “Impro
  4. Ben Parr, “Captivology
  5. . . .
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