Bad Posture and how to fix it

Posture is the major element what determines the attitude of surrounded people and even animals :). Seagulls might attack, dogs bite and small children kick your ass, if you would have a bad posture.

Bad posture is a common problem in today’s society. Sitting at desks all day long and looking at your smartphone developed a poor posture for many people.

But also a wrong workout or an unbalanced training can lead to a bad posture with that you will destroy your strength gains and risk to injure your body. If you do a lot of push exercises like bench presses or push ups and too little exercises for your posterior chain, You are tightening your muscles that are already tight and muscles that are already weak have no chance to work against them. (weak Erector spinae)

This results in a forward head position slouching shoulders and around an upper back. (weak Rhomboids & Trapezius transversus, tight Pectoralis & front Delts) |This is not only about the horrible look, it can also lead to neck pain and muscular imbalances. (weak neck Extensors, tight neck Flexors) To avoid or to correct this, we need to activate our muscles in the posterior chain and stretch and relax the tight muscles in the anterior chain.

Minding the natural S curves of the spine is not the goal to achieve a complete straight back. But to activate our weak and stretch to tight muscles. When you activate your weak muscles you should aim for an extended spine and a wide range of motion to work against tight and overused muscles.

Activate weak muscles + stretch tight muscles

Reverse plank bridge – a posture correcting exercise

Reverse plank bridge - posture fix exercise
Reverse plank bridge

One of the best movements you can do for correcting your posture is the reverse plank bridge.  This exercise activates muscles like your Middle Trapezius, your Rhomboids your Erector spinae and your Neck Flexes. While streching your pecs, your long head of the biceps, your front deltoids and your neck extensors.

To do this exercise correctly:

  • You have to keep your arms straight.
  • Pull your shoulders back.
  • Bring your shoulder blades together.
  • And tuck your chin.
  • Push your shest up as much as possible.
  • And extend your spine.

You can do this exercise with different hand placements, fingers pointing forward or backward. If you place your hands with fingers pointing backwards, you will activate your external shoulder rotators. And this will result in a better shoulder stability. You also achieve a higher range of motion, and the bed or stretching in your chest, biceps and front delts.

Exercise: Arch off with the posterior tilted pelvis

Arch off exercise for posture improvement
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The next exercise is the arch off with the posterior tilted pelvis. It consists of three different movements.

The first one is the shoulder flexion. This movement is very good to open up your shoulders, for example, to improve your handstand and all over overhead exercises. Push your arms and your shoulder blades upwards, and try to raise your arms as high as possible without bending them or arch your lower back.

The next part is the horizontal abduction. Here you also try to lift your arms as high as possible, but this time, you try to bring your shoulder blades together. This will activate your rhomboids and your middle traps.

The last part is about the shoulder extension. This will work better against the tight front delts than the other two arm positions.

In all three movements you tuck your chin and look to the ground. This will activate your neck flexors and stretch your neck extensors. You should also aim for an external rotation of your arms (thumbs upwards), because this will work against the internal rotation of the tight muscles. The last key point for this exercise is the extension of your thoracic spine. Because this will activate your Erectus bene.

Rowing movements may help to improve posture

Inverted Row exercise for posture improvement
Inverted Row exercise. Picture from:

The third and last exercise for improving your posture is any kind of rowing movements. You can do body rows, rows with the band, seated cable rows, or even dumbbell and barbell rows. No matter, which kind you do, don’t just move your arms,. It’s very important to keep your spine slightly extended, pull your shoulders back, and bring your shoulder blades together.  Avoid a rounded back and the forwarded head position.

The key to improve your posture is to do it on regular basis, and not only for a few weeks. Your daily posture fails will always remain the same or even get worse. So, don’t limit the duration of a training, that improves strength, coordination and mobility. You will also profit from a functional full-body workout instead of an isolated one-sided training program. If you want to know, how such a function of full body workout program feels, just go to the Calisthenic movement website and try our workout programs.

Which are the largest muscles in the body?

Most of body’s glycogen is stored in muscles. It is worth to know which muscles may provide the biggest storage. And therefore it pays off to focus your attention while doing workout.

We’ve often thought that the largest muscles in the body are the pecs, legs and back.

However, new research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditional Researh suggests that the size of the muscle might not be what counts.

In order to compare muscle size, the respectable researchers analyzed existing studies.

They wanted to know muscle sizes in cubic centimeters. After hard anddedicated work, they found out which are the largest muscles.

Top five largest muscles are:

  • 5th place: Illiopsoas
  • 4th place: Triceps Brachii
  • 3rd place: Deltoid
  • 2nd place: Gluteus maximus
  • 1st place goes to Quadriceps femoris.

If you want to get an aesthetic physique, remember to develop all body muscles equally.

The 1st largest muscle – Quadriceps femoris

The quadriceps femoris is a group of muscles located in the front of the thigh. The latin translation of “quadriceps”is “four headed”, as the group contains four separate muscles: The vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and the rectus femoris. These four muscles cover the front and sides of the femur (thighbone).

Exercises for the rectus femoris strengthen your legs, increasing athletic capability and contributing to improvements in physical appearance and body composition. For strength grains, do exercises for your rectus femoris two or three times a week. Suggests the

The rectus femoris is an important muscle with two heads originating from the pelvis. Most noteworthy the rectus femoris muscle is the only one of the quadriceps muscles that crosses the hip joint. The rectus femoris muscle continues down the thigh and is then inserted into the top of the patella.

Quadriceps tendon  rupture occurs more in males of older age groups suffering from metabolic diseases such as: gout, diabetes, renal failure and hyperthyroidism. It seems in the result of inactiveness of the muscle.

The 2nd largest muscle – Gluteus maximus

The body’s largest muscle is the gluteus maximus, one of three muscles that form your buttocks, or rear end.

Not only does your gluteus maximus help keep your torso, it gives you the strength to jump, run and walk uphill.

You see. without your gluteus maximus, you wouldn’t be able to extend your thigh, and this important motion makes it possible to climb, run and stand up from a sitting position.

The gluteus maximus also allows you to rotate your thigh, or turn it outward.

The two other gluteal muscles are the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus.

Not only is the gluteus maximus larger than these two, it’s the one on top, or closest to the skin.


Health and Stress management pyramid

Here it comes. The stress management pyramid of

According to our research main reason for stress is lack of positive attitude from the opposite sex. What inevitably results in the lack of matting opportunity. In turn this is caused either by low energy level or bad appearance or both.

3. Stress caused by lack of matting opportunity

3.1 Have sex

Sex. The purpose of life 🙂 and why to follow energy and appearance steps in effective stress management. Actually sex alone would fix any stress issue. The problem is – sex involves a partner who would prefer and choice someone with high energy level, good outfit, nice home, fitting its social and cultural niche etc.

2. Stress caused by low energy level.

2.4. Sleep to store energy

Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Have a nap after meal 0.5 to 2 hours long. Sleep when you feel the body needs it.

2.3. Warm post meal environment to keep low resistance of cells

Having a hot or warm bath during or right after the meal. Warm shower also fits in. Candle lights, calming music and fragrance, rose leaves would add to the anabolic post meal effect of warm bath. Sitting at fireplace would also fit in as well as having warm environment in any other way.

2.2. Eat some food

Diet which includes eating carbs and protein separately. Having one or two meals per day. One day fruits, other day meat with fat. Or fruits in the first meal and meat with vegetables in the second several hours after the first meal.  Preferable meat is lamb or calf. May accompany meal with a glass of wine, cognac or brandy.
Totally exclude from consumption all cereals, grains, pasta, pica, flour products etc, because they are mixtures of complex carbohydrate with protein (up to 10%) and that is what screws everything.

2.1. Create more space for energy by arranging some positive stress before meal.

2.1.1  Apply Fasting for 16 or more hours on daily basis

Fasting 16 or more hours before meal. Skip breakfast.

2.1.2 Involve as much muscles into Workout

Take into attention the largest muscle groups.

swimming, gymnastics, fitness, running, jumping, athletics

2.1.3 Get into Coldness

Cold shower, Winter swimming, Ice swimming, Cold bath, Ice bath

1. Stress caused by bad appearance
either individually or socially

  • Appearance according to individual psychological perception;
  • Appearance according to local social and cultural traditions.

1.3. Reduce stress caused by limited self expression.

1.3.1. Express yourself in motion, sound, smell, art. Keeping physical and mental balance is critical for the expression. Regular Balance exercises would help.
1.3.2 Manage your expression to fit in cultural frame of the particular social group

1.2. Reduce stress caused by bad outfit.

1.2.1 Take care about your outfit and Outlook. Always appear the same but a bit better than others. Clean, new clothes, good smell and grooming would help.
1.2.2 Manage your outfit according to local cultural traditions, fashion trends of the particular group. Keeping in mind the social status you are going to take in the group’s social hierarchy.

1.1. Reduce spatial, environmental stress. Take care about Your “nest”, environment appearance and match to local culture.

1.1.1 Create pleasant & harmonic environment around you
Familiar, light, clean, large, noiseless, silent, harmonic, calming, warm Environment, Surroundings, Home interior and exterior, Car, Garden etc.  Music, calming sounds. Fire light, candles, fireplace. Fresh air, good smell. In opposite to dark, dirty, foreign, stinky, noisy, cold,  limited, narrow place.
1.1.2 Match local cultural traditions of a particular social group in your environment, home interior and surroundings.
For example. If you are Catholic – having cross with Jesus on the wall is the must – even if you actually don’t believe to it much. If Muslims takes over the city – burn the cross, paint the wall in green color and place golden crescent and a star right next to it. 🙂 Otherwise you’ll be a white bird ravens wouldn’t hesitate to beak to. And it has nothing to do with your actual believes. All nature behaves like this – beats the different one. Just imagine what dominant Homo Sapiens would do with you for the cultural mismatch 🙂

Wim Hof Method Price Review

What a value has Wim Hof Method for its price?

Price of Wim Hof Method video course is $199 or €179. Isn’t it too much? There is just an advice to breath, meditate and touch some ice in the WHM.

If you are gonna have a fun day at the beach, buy it!  The bigger the price of WHM the bigger the immediate pleasure. Don’t miss it. Enjoy it!

Guys of Wim Hof’s Method have done great job of attracting people’s attention to WHM. Climbing mount Everest just in shorts isn’t a cheaply arrangeable event. It costs 30,000 $ as the very minimum doing it wearing just shorts of course.  Medical research also isn’t a low cost entertainment.

If you are gonna to make the long shoot, and to become the owner of the beach, not just a one who have some fun at it, than don’t buy it. Value is in what you become not what you buy. To become better with Wim Hof’s method you’ll have to implement particular actions as everyday’s habits.

Get more Wim Hof about on wikipedia or read the book Becoming the Iceman by Wim Hof.

Wim Hof Method is a way to suppress body’s stress reaction.

Most of the people are over reactive to stress situations. They waste their steroid hormones – cortisol and testosterone in seconds by diving into anaerobic catabolism of glicogen. So they are gonna die in the cold water or ice in a blink of an eye. And it is how they feel it. Staying in ice longer than an hour is mostly a marketing trick, as ice is a good heat insulator, liquid whater doesn’t. It would be a bit harder to swim in the icy water that long time of 80 minutes, as Wim Hof did to make the record.

Stress management methods are:

  • Exposure your body to icy water, cold shower taking for example. However openair swimming is much enjoyable.
  • Slow motion and balancing exercises, joga for example.
  • Practicing stillness in stressful situations, holding breath for example.
  • Give your muscles a workout. Swimming, running and bar exercises are the best.

Wim Hof method: price of WHM video course

Cold shower taking

Taking cold shower is a good way to normalize your cortisol and dopamine level. It makes cold mind literally. Cold water creates huge spike of cortisol to handle the shock. Body learns to calm down to keep its energy in cold environment. Long term result of icy shower is impressive stress resistance in everyday’s life. Cold shower also stops you from binging on dopamine boosting habits and keeps your motivation in optimal range.

Do not take cold shower if

You are exhausted or feeling sick. Fatigue says your cortisol resource is already depleted. Adding a shocking stress to tiredness may leave you with dangerously low steroid hormone level after. It opens a time window for viruses and bacteria to activate and attack your body.

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