Diet of Emotions

Each emotion runner loves a particular diet.

  • Cortisol loves coffee and sweets, it gives him extraordinary power, but also puts in danger of body break and brain burnout. Lack of food it self feeds cortisol also.
  • Testosterone – the brave brother of Cortisol loves eggs. Because this is what he is made of – cholesterol.
  • Serotonin focuses on sweets and meat. Problems occur when he mixes it. And he will. Appetite grows when sweets come in bright packaging brought to him by a VIP.
  • Dopamine likes alcohol and all kind of drugs. Sweets will boost his feeling of eternal happiness as well.
  • Endorphin don’t care about food, he enjoys to be eaten by a lion or crocodile.
  • Oxytocin has so big chemical formula, that it couldn’t be fed by any other food except love and friendship.


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