Divergent’s survival without stress medication 6 tips

Everyone loves divergent in movies, weather they climb mount Everest or run 1000 miles at once. Or kill all the bad guys. However mammals and birds are tended to execute everyone who’s behavior seems to be different from the crowd in real life. In the human society divergent ones are often drugged off because of their stress issues (created by the society itself) rather than being killed literally.

“Once there was a male who honestly revealed – the only dick worth to suck is his. Did any mammal suck it? No, they kicked his ass and nailed him on the cross.”

Nowadays a male demanding to be the alpha often ends up tighten to the bed and drugged off for couple of days. Wakes up in form of walking cabbage. Spends hundreds of dollars for medication to keep this state to the end of  his life, just to be safe for society.

This post is for divergent who want to live without stress management medication. And be socially successful, rather than being repeatedly kicked by dominant rivals or drugged off with meds, in order to keep society safe from different social behavior.

How to be socially successful and keep your ass safe while being a divergent?

The problem for all divergent is being over and under reactive to social interaction, both negative and positive. It is hard for divergent to keep balance in their lives. They are awful to build and keep social status high enough due to having less physical and mental balance and visual qualities than others.

Divergent’s survival tips in short:

  1. Divergent usually don’t care about their background. Keep an eye the quality you provide is better than guys in background do. Quality is essential but relative, start with poor but pure backgrounds.
  2. Keep your blood sugar low, others – high. This would provide the sharpest mind and decision making within a social group for you. Give them some sweets as a present. Sweets (like alcohol) would give just a feeling of performance when there is nothing real. High blood sugar goes together with imbalance.
  3. Train physical balance and spatial sense. Mental and physical balance is the same for the brain. Practice body balance exercises with closed eyes.
  4. Promise less give more. Rather promising the world and accomplishing nothing.
  5. Play low social status while exposing (displaying) high physical and visual quality. Usually divergent dressed in dud demand appreciation and alpha status rather than giving it.
  6. There might be a bad conscious attitude from a rival, keep your eyes open. Any social group hardly let someone climb the social hierarchy. They like things as they are. Old alphas want to keep their power for all costs. Divergent are the ones they can’t take in control. So they would try to eliminate such a person.

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