Emotion fashion

Lets talk about clothes for emotion runners

Dopamine doesn’t care about clothes as he knows that any trousers will wear out in his eternally long life. So he wears what comes to him first.

Serotonin walks around dressed in purple and gold. Crown is his favorite type of hat.

Cortisol uses camouflage whenever it’s possible. Grey and black are his favorite colors to look like just a shadow. Clothes must allow to fight or run away of potential enemy. Several frightening contrast and color patterns may be involved. He may believe that a cross or other amulet can save him from evils skulking around.

Testosterone uses classic style of dress. No images, mostly black for men and red for women. A business suit is his skin. Dressing is thought to allow to carry as much resources in hands as possible. A credit card for example 🙂

Oxytocin – a big T-shirt with cute animal on it is his favorite.

Better workout and longer stretching is the main factors to choose clothing for Endorphin. A dress that allows to enjoy a pain in its best way.


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