Social Status – 9 tips to raise it

Exposing higher Social Status

  1. Expose confidence. For social status it means the right way to do something is the way you are doing it. Pretend you have no errors. If someone points to an error – ignore it with even more confidence.
  2. Ignore others around you. The highest social status goes for someone who is followed by all others of the group. Leader looks forward beyond the borders or a particular follower. However this is only to fool a strayed sheep. when you are not the leader de facto, but wants to use it’s privileges of high social status person.
  3. Keep your shoulders down and legs together. Eliminate all submissive gestures off of your image.
  4. If you gaze away first – don’t look back, ignore that person to save your status and your life if that’s a polar bear.
  5. Keep your head still when talking. Stillness is the sign of confidence.

Social Status seeker begs for help

Building social status

  1. Don’t share your attention with a attention demander outside your focus and your social group. Even it is a gratitude towards you, it might be just a deliberate emotional attack to make you overconfident and act like fool. Keep focused on your aims no mater what.
  2. Never be defensive or binge on proofing your ideas. Ignore, attack or show your loyalty to opponent.
  3. Create steady pressure to others by taking their attention to you.
  4. Give presents and share attention to your followers and your leader as well. Otherwise they might fall into the ADHD. Blocking attention to followers is widely practiced social tactics in black psychology used by wizards, healers, fortune-tellers and other social magic staff.

Suggested Books for Social status:

  1. Loretta Graziano Breuning “I’mammal“ why your brain links status and happiness.
  2. Cesar Millan “Be the Pack Leader
  3. Keith Johnstone “Impro – improvisation and the theatre“

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